Friday, December 12, 2008

Caroline and Nicholas

I first saw Caroline carrying our son Nicholas in this sling on a walk to the Constitution Marsh in Garrison, New York. The path was unmarked and the way was rough. At one point a rope had been installed to help you climb a steep and tortuous path. Caroline, brought up walking on smooth sidewalks of suburban Westchester, made to the top, down the other side and back to the car. We were there in the blinding midday sun. Later that day in the cool and shade of the early evening, I took this picture on our drive. Nicholas is now seventeen years old and loves to snowboard.


  1. I am the subject here, so I feel I can comment. One of the things about this photo that I have always found funny is that when we first looked at the contact sheet, we rejected this shot because we felt I looked so cranky. Just goes to show how people are their own sharpest critics when it comes to how they are portrayed.

  2. On the night of 4 July 1991, the Dushin family, my wife, and I were down on Constitution Island watching the fireworks across at West Point. You have not lived until you have walked that path in the pitch dark with a pregnant wife.


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