Sunday, December 28, 2008

Eric Fineman

Eric Fineman imports fine white Burgundies, just premier crus and grand crus, Montrachet, Chablis and Meursault. I saw him at Ocean House, the tiny but matchless fish restaurant run by Brian Galvin and his wife Paula, in a 1920s diner that had been towed up the river and left on the sidewalk. For two years, Eric and his wife Bernadette went there on Thursday nights armed with several bottles of the best and entertained themselves and their hosts and anyone they liked the look of. Then he had three operations on his neck and back and a triple by-pass heart operation. He is now back on the tennis court drinking his beloved Burgundy and handing it out to his guests at meals (and a bottle to go home with) as though it were bottled water.

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  1. wonderful pictures, but the one of kubric is so powerful!!!


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