Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Rebecca, organic farmer

For two years, Rebecca and her husband Joe grew organic vegetables on a communal farm in Wappingers, New York. Every week from May to October we would buy their vegetables at the local farmer's markets. In the winter she would knit and make quilts and he would knit and make furniture. In September this year they told us they could no longer go on alone and were returning to his father's farm in Iowa to join forces with him.

Rebecca looked at the camera I was using. She said, "That's the most beautiful camera I have ever seen." It was a Rolleiflex 2.8E that I bought in 1955. It is the only camera that I love. I must be careful now because I have enjoyed the luxury of digital cameras. I have, a Nikon D40, and as excellent as it is, it is the wrong format for me and woe betide you if you over expose. The armchair life it gives you, not having to go to the lab, is habit forming.

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