Monday, December 15, 2008

Jessica Pryce-Jones

Jessica's parents live in a 17th century house in Florence, Italy. I found the background on the top floor of the house where the sun was coming through a paneless window on a small balcolny. Years later I was asked to copy the wall to use as a background for an advertisement. Absurd, but in advertising you first do what the client asks. A friend of Caroline's took a plaster cast of his concrete studio floor and trucked it over to us. Of course it looked terrible but sort of O.K. and they used it.

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  1. What a nice collection- very representative of Dmitri's portraiture with a few surprises. The celebrities appear bewildered, if not subtly encumbered by the experience. The less famous in comparison look wonderfully dignified and content. With the exception of Dmitri's fantastic photo of Nicholas as a boy on his scooter, I can't recall a more animated shot of his than this exciting double portrait of Heather and Socks. The ax head shot as well is slyly ambiguous- portrait, still-life, or both?


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