Thursday, January 29, 2009

In the Blackbird Parlour

The contrast in appearance between these two friends: the one with straight dark hair and soft round features, the other, curly auburn hair and chiseled looks. They were sitting, chatting and writing at the next table to us in the Blackbird Parlour, Williamsburg, NY. Look how differently they dress too. I would have loved to have spoken to them more. They said they were regulars so we must go back.

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  1. Hi Dmitri-
    This is Caitlin... last year's Phocus president. Love love love the lighting in this shot, especially since it's lighting I know well- I live about two blocks away from that cafe! next time you're by I'll buy you one of their fabulous biscotti. Hope you're well, I enjoy the blog.
    Caitlin Burke


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