Monday, February 2, 2009

Girl in a silver jacket. Boy in a hood. Newburgh

The picture of the girl in the silver jacket was the first photograph I took in Newburgh. It was in 1996 and in February. I had been thinking about photographing there for some time and decided if I didn't get started I might never do it, although it was a bitter day. The girl and her sister were on their way to the store for their mother. I took them together but saw straight away that the elder sister was the subject I wanted. She stood stock still in the freezing cold and welcomed the camera.

Since then I have not done much there in the winter; there are few people about and mostly those that are in the streets are hurrying along. One day last year Caroline asked if we could go to Newburgh together. I said there wouldn't be many people around but I knew she wanted to go so I thought why not, lets go.

After a drive round seeing hardly a soul, we spotted a few youths, amongst them a girl who I took. Then two children came to see what we were doing just as I was packing away
my Rollieflex and this boy was one of them.
To see more of Newburgh click here.


  1. Just like to say how well matched these two photographs are.

  2. I love this whole Newburgh series, but then I am a fan of all your portraits. Not only do I admire the lighting and the compositions, I am always amazed by the different emotions conveyed by people who are all "just looking at the camera" - and by the ways the viewer can interpret them.

    Wonderful job, Dmitri!

  3. I feel like I know the girl in the silver jacket, that I encountered that expression many times over when I attended Peekskill High School. At first intimidating, I learned that under the tough stare, was a girl friend with a smile and belly laugh that could rock the world.


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