Friday, February 6, 2009

Jon Beacham

Sometimes people I photograph tell me they do not want to do what I've asked. "Stand, please, next to the printing press with your hand on the lever."
"I'd like to sit," Jon replied, "I don't like to stand when I'm photographed." I wasn't sure what to say. Jon then said, "What do you want anyway?"

"I don't know," I said, "but during this exchange I will see something that I like, or you will do something I like." After a further pause he sat in a chair by the window and looked good. Nice light.

Jon is a book dealer. He specializes in art and poetry. He is also a film maker (nothing digital), photographer (again, nothing digital), and a letterpress printer. He has been a monk.


  1. Which light do you prefer? Jon's or Adrienne's?

  2. This is a light that I have always liked, coming from a three or four foot square of window on an overcast day. The window in this case was only a couple of feet from the subject so the nose shadow is soft. The farther away the light source from the subject the harder the shadow. But you know all that.
    The room was small and the white painted walls filled the shadow side of his face just the right amount.

    Adrienne was standing in harsh sunlight, unevenly lit, so I asked her to move to this position where she is evenly lit from the front with a touch of back light. I liked her in this light, so I took the picture.


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