Friday, February 13, 2009

Weary art lovers at Dia: Beacon

Today was the first time I had gone to Dia:Beacon, the local must place for culture. I had always resisted it, partly because I do not like the art shown there and partly because I thought they had probably ruined the building. And indeed they have. This huge, superb factory building has been many times subdivided into giant cubicles and passages assigned to each artists.

The photograph, stolen from under the eyes of one of the polite sixteen year-old Dia guards, shows one of the comfortable sofas that are scattered around the museum for weary art lovers. The two occupants look as though they might be there until closing time.


  1. His expression is so content and satisfied. Is it because he is in the presence of art or is it just being with his friend?

    Lucky his clothes match the couch. It makes her shape stand out more and creates a nice clean composition -- ironically like the art Dia promotes. My sister thought the opposite, "Too bad he blends in." So maybe I'm wrong. What do you think?

  2. I am just sensitive to things blending into the background in photographs. Since we do a lot of food photography at work, the food needs to 'pop' off the plate, and we are forever chiding our photographers to not match so much. So perhaps I'm not the right person to weigh in.

  3. I've looked again and now feel that his blending actually makes her silhouette stand out, so it works. I like it.


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