Sunday, March 8, 2009

Two men and a boy

On our way to Beacon, NY today we saw these two walking along with a child in a cart. We turned around and I asked them if I could take their picture. Who were they? Friends and a good father we can see. (Who would have thought to take both the stroller and the son's favourite cart out for a walk?) The taller, thinner man, lived in Hopewell Junction and was the father of the boy, and the other man lived in Cold Spring. I quickly set up the camera and took the picture, hardly saying another word. (Children don't like their rides interrupted. Caroline talked to the boy who wanted to look back up the road where the cars were rushing by.) Then they said they had a train to catch and left. I hope they will get in touch.

The contrasts in shapes of the people, together with the two modes of transport for the child drew me to this picture. The sun was shining from over my left shoulder behind a thin layer of cloud which made it easier for the subjects to look at the camera.

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