Monday, March 23, 2009

Boy in a velvet jacket

A late breakfast at Bread Alone in Rhinebeck, NY, Caroline asked the waitress how large a large orange juice was and the question was answered by a woman in black at the table next door who simply raised her glass and said, "Large."

I hardly caught a glimpse of her, but when her six year-old son turned around from his Nintendo DS, I was immediately struck and asked the woman in black if I could take his picture. She said yes, and I then saw the other woman, also dressed in black and was struck again.

A few pleasant minutes of introducing ourselves and then the mother said, "We are twins." A few more minutes while we looked at wonderful pictures of them on their iPhone when they were six years old. At last now, free to get up, find a place to take the pictures and raise the camera to my eye.


  1. I love the brick background and think it brings out the color in the young boys lips.
    He's darling, and his jagged bangs hanging over his eyes and his velvet jacket show a sense of style that makes him totally cool.
    Great photo, Dmitri.

  2. You should forward this one to Gap Kids. Not only is the kid model material, it could also possibly help Gap reclaim whatever shred of dignity they have left before their disastrous "I LOVE JUNK FOOD!" campaign last Fall.

  3. He's going to be a total heartbreaker.


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