Monday, March 2, 2009

A young Jack Nicholson

As we left the Roebling Tea Room in Williamsburg yesterday Caroline kicked me in the shins and hissed, "Take him," pointing to the man making coffee and tea, "A young Jack Nicholson."

She denies kicking me in the shins, but will do so in the future. At Dia, two weeks ago, I lost my nerve when we saw a woman with a helmet of gray hair and a military style raincoat with a belt
broad enough to carry a sword. I let her slip away without asking if I could photograph her.


  1. Great face, great shirt.

  2. Good eye Caroline! Well worth the bump on Dmitri's shin..(Sorry Dmitri)

  3. The way everything intersects to hit his eyes. Under pressure but still expertly taken.

  4. Yes indeed, the shirt is great, Jillian. As my way of photography does not allow carrying around a suitcase of props and clothes, or to ask if I might borrow a passer-by's hat which might suit my subject, I rely mostly on these lucky moments when somebody is just right as they come.


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