Friday, April 3, 2009

David Hockney in Paris

recently heard that the National Portrait Gallery in London want to acquire about twenty of my portraits of writers and artists that I took while I was living there in the seventies and eighties.

Here is one that I took of Hockney at his Paris
studio in about 1975. I remember feeling very at home in this courtyard of his studio.


  1. I absolutely adore David Hockney's work. I love this photograph, Dmitri. He's sitting like a sullen, withdrawn little boy!!

    Congratulations on the acquisition of your work by the National Portrait Gallery. Quite an honor!

  2. Beautiful black and white from film is a treasure, like this one. What you see/saw with the quality of the lighting is/was amazing. Happy printing! Lori

  3. excellent portrait of Hockney! i can see why the National Portrait Gallery wants your work. yes, that's quite an honor! perhaps you should consider having the NPG contact these artists and writers and shoot them again in their original surroundings.

  4. I would like that very much, but they mostly live in England and I live here in the United States, or they are no longer alive.


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