Monday, April 13, 2009

A school-girl, Haifa, Israel

This was taken in the mid-seventies on a trip to Israel, and I am posting it in response to Andrea's comment about smiling photographs.

(See comments about "Teenage Couple", below.)


  1. Thanks, D...she is lovely...and the smile couldn't be more this begs another question...I'm sure it varies, but how many shots do you tend to take in the "stop on the street" sessions? We non-profs may take a few - but more likely, a few versions of the same [smiling, etc.]...but of course, having a range is best

  2. I think this was the only shot I took of her smiling. There were others when she was not smiling but you couldn't see that wonderful chipped tooth. Generally I take between three and twelve. I took just one shot of "A young Jack Nicholson", see below. (One is dangerous though because he or she may have blinked.) If I know the person, and they have agreed to spend half-an-hour or so, I may take as many as fifty.

  3. She is Israel's Isabella Rosilini. The photo captures her pure, natural beauty perfectly.
    I love black and whites. There is an "honesty" about them, as there is less distraction, if that makes sense to anyone.

  4. The chipped tooth...yes....wonderful ...[that's coming from a gap-toothed gal]...thanks for the info...didn't want to be too nosy about the process, but really was curious...


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