Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Gesso girl

This is the young woman who brought us into the Botanica bar. Sunday was sunny and warm in Red Hook, but the sun was too high and harsh to take her with her canvasses and gesso out in the street where we found her. I took this in the shade on the other side of the street after being fortified by the Botantica's sandwich and expresso.

Weekdays she sells designer doorknobs in Soho.


  1. So happy to see the Beauty [and Beauties] of Brooklyn hook is particularly stunning...fingers crossed that it doesn't go over to The Dark Side of time you are there, you must stop at Sunny's bar...has been there forever...maybe was Sunny's great grandfather's place? Anyway, good spot - plus Sunny is quite a looker - old school hippie....big guy...soft, lovely voice...

  2. The angle of the shot really shows off this woman's high cheekbones and pretty chin. I also like that her mouth is closed because she has beautifully shaped lips.
    The photo seems as deliberate as it is carefree (with her hair falling across her face), if that makes any sense.
    Nice, Dmitri.

  3. Quite a departure for you Dmitri. Not only is she not looking at the camera (her choice, yours?), the shot's in black and white. There has to be a great story behind these decisions... . Anyway she reminds me of this stunning young woman who works at the Hawthorne Farms concession (northwest corner- between 16th and 17th st.) at the Union Square Green Market. She usually handles the produce. Please, you must take her picture. She's one in a million... . Trust me.


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