Sunday, April 26, 2009

Couple in Tillie's

No one living in the New York area will forget April 25th, 2009, the day the temperature rose to a blissful 85°, warming the body and the cockles of your heart, after the interminable period of this winter. The couple, however, would not have noticed if the temperature was 105° or 0°. I saw them as I left Tillie's, the café with a good feel and a wobbly table in Fort Greene in Brooklyn. I took one shot on the D40. (Probably could have stood there for ten minutes before they noticed me.) I had the camera set at 1600 ISO and on automatic, with the focal length between 35 and 24 mm.


  1. Wish it could be bottled--that feeling.

  2. What a great shot. They're so completely absorbed in each other. Tillie's is such a feel-good cafe, and Fort Greene is just full of people with faces this open and full of joy - it's great to see that captured so nicely.

  3. Does Jonathan have a girlfriend I don't know about? That boy looks EXACTLY like Jonathan from behind, Dmitri - same head shape, hair, shoulders, tatooed arm, and he always has his ear phones on at home. Scary.
    The girl's expression is so telling.
    Very refreshing sight.

  4. My friends and I were discussing what is middle age. I thought that it begins when you stop behaving like this in coffee shops.

  5. The squint of her eye, the scrunch of her nose and the way her hands grasp his head say "Gotcha Ya!" His position is braced, like a swimmer coming up for air at the side of a pool.


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