Sunday, May 3, 2009

An accident waiting to happen

As dog owners go this man is a good one. He warns you as you approach him not to take a step nearer as his dog will bite you. This, of course, may not be true; he may just not like strangers addressing him. But he agreed to being photographed.

He was sitting outside Tillie's in Fort Greene, Brooklyn, NY.


  1. The dog looks so'd never think he was a vicious little critter!

  2. Oh yes, and I have been meaning to send you the link to this site, Dmitri:

    It's the work of an old photographer friend of mine, Grant Lamos. If you click the "archives" at the top, you can see thumbnails of a lot of his work.

  3. Hmm ... maybe I should get me a little dog to scare people away! The background graffiti is kind of cool, too.

  4. The dog looks sweet, but at the time I was afraid that this would be the first subject to bite you.

    It's interesting how photos show you things that you might not notice when you're there and everything is in front of you. I noticed the man's scarred face, but didn't see the stitching on his jacket and the zippers on his pockets. I can't explain why, but I find it holds my attention. That and his gaze, which like the other subjects, makes you think he is someone easy to talk to.


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