Saturday, May 16, 2009

Russian American relations

These lovers were taken at the Russian department's V-Day dinner at Vassar College. The young man, Andrew, is Russian and his friend, Michelle, is American. They have one thing in common with the "Touching Hats" : their lips are about the same distance from each other. The older couple's lips stayed at this distance; these two continued forward toward each.


  1. Dirty dishes often take a backseat to romance.

  2. While their lips continued towards one another here, the "Touching Hats" couple are much more convincing lovers. Your title "Russian American relations" is wonderfully apropos.

  3. Quinnipiac/Vassar relations would also work, since he was an Almun and she wasn't. Touching Hats may seem a more convincing pair -- this couple had only known each other for 2 weeks.


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