Sunday, June 21, 2009

Stanley Kubrick

Rain continues, which is probably O.K. for the mermaids at the Coney Island Parade, but we're giving Brooklyn a miss this weekend.

Roy, a friend of Caroline's from her Cooper Union days, studied film at New York University and got in touch recently. Stanley Kubrick is one of his favorite directors and said he was interested in this photograph. It is, as many of you will know, from "A Clockwork Orange". The picture came about because I was standing near Stanley when he leaned against the table and dropped into what appeared to be deep thought. I lifted my camera and took the shot.

It was earlier in that day, when Stanley was filming the action where Alex kills the Cat Lady, that the owner of the house complained about the noise of stamping feet and yelling. (Not knowing film companies she had foolishly continued to live on the second floor of the house.) Having seen the giant penis sculpture and the erotic paintings of nude women on the set that Stanley had created on her ground floor, she confronted him with the question, “What is this film about anyway?". Stanley scratched his beard for a second and replied, “Beethoven.”

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  1. Great photo, thanks for sharing it and the story behind it.


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