Monday, June 1, 2009

Youth Holding a Rosary

We parked on Lorraine Street which runs through the projects in Red Hook. We'd heard about the wonderful food the street vendors sell outside the ball park. Anyway the streets were active which is more than you can say for the swankier streets of Red Hook, which are sometimes quite empty.

I spotted this youth as I stepped out of the car. I saw his back view turning a corner on the path into the projects. I ran after him and shouted just as he was about to enter the building. While still some distance off I waived my camera and as I reached him said that I wanted to take his picture. He stood there and I said, "Don't move, stay just like that," and he did. Caroline had meanwhile caught up with us and gave him a card and we said goodbye and thanked him very much.

I was very happy and we went to Botanica and had a cocktail and met a friendly couple. He had that morning been to B&H and bought a point and shoot Leica, which seemed like a nice camera. She was English and we got on to the subject of Pimm's which we all agreed we liked. I had first known about Pimm's at the age of about six in 1938 when my mother drank it mixed with gin and garnished with a slice of orange, cucumber and borage leaves. She and her friends drank it on summer evenings on the terrace of our house. I would crawl under the table and look up at some startling sights.
It appeares that it was quite normal then not to wear very much at all under your flowered cotton dress.


  1. As always, the gentleman from Garrison uncovers the best of Brooklyn...this guy is quite the thing.. And a 7th Ave stylist couldn't have turned him out better - the green T-shirt + green sneakers...the white tank top + white belt - effortless, yet well-thought out...

    and what a treat that you and your lovely lady spent part of the day at la casa of le chef. We must do it again in a slightly less chaotic venue...knock back a Pimms [or three]...soon, soon...

  2. I hope this youth took the time to see how nicely he photographed that day. Unassuming stance, making him that much more lovely. Colors coordinated perfectly. Stick with those beads!

  3. It is his quiet expression, slightly mournful, very respectful, that gets me.


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