Sunday, July 26, 2009

Bow tie and back pack

Happy at last! We sat at the Boulevard Café in Bushwick having their excellent coffee and sandwiches after a ninety minute journey that should have taken thirty, due to an accident or incident that caused the police to close a half mile section of Linden Avenue.

Then, much refreshed, I spotted this young man at a bus stop as we drove along La Fayette towards
Downtown Brooklyn. I pulled in and as I approached him he seemed to know at once what I wanted. He adjusted his hat, asked where I would like him to stand and I took the photograph. He was wearing lime green pants which looked wonderful, but you couldn't see the texture and color of the bow tie so well in those shots.


  1. Now, this is effortless style...pulling off a bow tie with a neck tattoo and an eyebrow piercing - not to mention orange + purple + unseen lime green. Damn...cannot imagine how ridiculous most people [well, I] would look in the same get-up....quite the eye the subject - and, as always, the artist - has....

  2. And what about the shaved other eyebrow and hint of a goatee?! I'm trying to imagine what the lime green pants looked like on him... . Could Caroline post one of those shots on FB? Or does she have a photo of you taking his picture where we see his full statement? The kid is brazen, and as you sensed, clearly used to the attention.

  3. I love this photo. I am a teacher and he reminds me of the students I see roaming the halls.


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