Monday, July 13, 2009

Boy pushing a barrow

In 1964 I roamed the streets of London looking for life going on. Late one Saturday afternoon in World's End, Chelsea, a boy passed me running down the street pushing a barrow. I missed the photograph and asked him if he would push it past me again. This he did. I took the picture to the Times who published it on their Saturday back page. At that time they devoted half the back page to a photograph. Just a photograph for the hell of it. It could have been of anything, taken anywhere. In about 2000 a woman living in Alberta, Canada, rang and asked if she could have a copy of this picture. Her copy, which was torn from the newspaper, had almost disintegrated. She told me that she had met, and fallen in love with this boy, when he was in his early twenties. She was no longer with him but she had a great attachment to his memory and the photograph.

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