Sunday, July 26, 2009

No hand to spare

The little girl was quite content clutching her father's pocket - a little high up, but you can still get a good grip. The man had lived in the same projects in Bushwick, Brooklyn, NY all his life and was happy that it was becoming safer and more prosperous every year.


  1. The little girl in her yellow dress really lightens up the whole composition...she's like a little ray of sunshine!

  2. I think that is how her dad saw her. He was only 32, but seemed older in a way. She was very curious about the photos and asked a lot of questions about the card I handed her (Dad's hands were full). They were having a animated discussion about photography when we left them.

    "Why does he take pictures?" "Because he likes to"

    It was a nice contrast to the usual Dads pushing strollers to Starbucks scene.


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