Sunday, July 26, 2009

Two friends under street light

Not long ago we met a couple at Botanica. They talked about their children and the father showed us a picture of his son that he kept on his iPhone. On Friday night we saw the son in real life, sitting with his mother and a friend, again at Botanica. Caroline reminded me that I had always liked taking photographs under street lights, and said that it was going to be a long time before I would see a more beautiful couple than this one. So never mind about your dinner (which had just been put before me), go and photograph them.

I hauled myself and the couple out into the street, put up my tripod and asked the girl to link arms with the boy. I was surprised when she used the arm furthest from him to do this. Occasionally a car or cyclist approached, stopped to watch for a moment, and then passed slowly on around us.


  1. Beautiful couple, beautiful lighting

  2. Definitely two movie stars!! You're both too beautiful!!
    From your cousin in Post Falls, Idaho

  3. Lovely couple. Natalie and Eric Bana should reunite to perform in the movie of this couples story. Using her furthest arm is very telling. Doing so insures that she'll be as close as possible here to him.

  4. This photo is mesmerizing. Beautiful.


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