Sunday, July 5, 2009

What are these two smiling about?

July 4th, Graham Avenue, Bushwick, Brooklyn, NY, midday or thereabouts - we are on our way to Goodbye Blue Monday. Saw these two on the sidewalk - no traffic to speak of - pulled in - leaped out and up the street after them. Delighted they said. And here they are. But wait - she is twenty-one years old and he is eighteen, and, she told us proudly, she is his great aunt. Work that out! Then his brother turned up. See below.


  1. Young, black, beautiful and proud. What's not to smile about? It all comes through in this lovely, warm photograph.

  2. This is a very charismatic shot. Notice where she places her hand though. It's like, if you're not going to pull up your pants yo, I will!


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