Thursday, September 24, 2009

Woman sitting with one shoe off

As I walked by I said "Don't move you look wonderful like that." Immediately she moved - people almost invariably do. You have to say it very quietly and slowly, if possible accompanied by a gentle gesture that implies: "Stop". She put the can of beer down farther enough away, she thought, not to be in the picture. She returned to her pose and forgot, possibly, about her only wearing one shoe.


  1. I love this photo with the beer can off to the side, the shoe off and the hat on. Her expression is priceless and her eyes draw you in. She's likeable, and I'd love to see her in a pretty dress with her hair styled. A favorite.

  2. This photo has been lingering in my mind. It is very Dr. Seuss, - with the hat and her expression that reminds of the Grinch.

  3. This reminds me of an image you might see in Harlem, during the jazz age in the roaring '20s. Her hat is definitely cloche-like, and her pose and expression say "I know something you don't!"


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