Sunday, August 23, 2009

Botanica, early evening

I was watching the tangled limbs and slumped bodies in the foreground. I did not notice the waitress in the middle distance until I downloaded the picture. Here was the "happy accident". We see the poise and balance needed to be quick but un-rushed, never spilling a cocktail filled to the brim, never banging a plate down on the table or bumping into somebody's chair. Always having time to answer a customer but knowing that another customer is waiting for their food or drink. Knowing on a busy night you can't dally. At the same time, you must be unfailingly pleasant and polite. And to complete the "happy accident", I had, by mistake, set the camera to automatically focus in the middle of the frame, thereby having the waitress in focus.


  1. The waitress seems so calm and etheral amid the chaos and movement that frames her. A perfect moment in time captured...

  2. Well well well paint my heart GOLD! Observers in this world still exist!.....and in greater numbers than i thought. So beautiful that you have taken the time to think about the situation of a server.... beautifully observed. Thank you for being YOU! Love, the waitress in focus


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