Saturday, August 22, 2009

Cathy Kasterine, England

Happy Birthday Cathy.
Love from Dad, Caroline and Nicholas

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  1. I'd like to tell a story about this photo.

    Once there was a girl whose father was a photographer. One day they went to visit some friends and he asked his daughter to run down their path, thinking it would make a good picture. Being a good sport and swift runner, she did as her father asked and the picture came out well. The father sent the photo as a thank you note to their hosts.

    The young girl grows up and because she is fun loving, smart and lovely she has many friends. She is also stylish and a hard worker and does well in the fashion world. After a while she meets a nice guy and they have good times together. She invites him over for dinner one night and he is surprised to see the photo of the girl running down the path. He grew up with the photo, which lived on the mantle piece of his father's house. He tells her that he has always been fascinated with the running girl in the picture, whom he now realizes is the girl he's falling for.


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