Thursday, August 27, 2009

Caroline filling a gap

I had been filling gaps in the garden due to the excessive rainfall. Certain plants had rotted in their pots, notably borage. Caroline agreed to fill this gap. She said she did not want to be a permanent stop gap, so I found some lovely pink phlox last weekend at Gowanus Nursery in Carroll Gardens, and although they do look nice, I thought Caroline did the best job.


  1. I love the greenish cast to her skin from the leaves. She looks like she belongs there--very at home. Which I guess is appropriate, considering this was taken at home!

  2. I love, love, LOVE this photograph. Purple and green is positively my favorite color combination, and the composition here is just lovely: the shallow space and the colors interact nicely.

  3. I was chatting online with friend who I work with but rarely see, since we are in different offices and communicate remotely. On a whim I sent her the link to this photo and her response was, "That's hilarious!" "What do you mean?" I asked, suddenly fearing I looked ridiculous. She apologized and explained that she was referring to me "filling the gap." It's not easy being a subject, I thought to myself.

    She then went on to say that Dmitri and I must have fun together. "Yes. We do." I answered.

  4. Caroline's dark hair looks like a halo amongst all the green.
    A good Mom, filling in all the gaps when necessary!
    Like Heather, I love the purple and green combination.

  5. Wonderful shot! Caroline, you look so organic!


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