Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Grandmother at McDonald's

This week I am posting three pictures of women. Two were taken in Fishkill, New York and one in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Because we were asked to dinner with some friends in Connecticut on Saturday night, we did not go to Brooklyn this weekend. It would have been too far and we wanted to enjoy our dinner.

We did, however, do a bit of shopping at Sam's Club and Walmart where we found two of the photographs: the grandmother with her charge at McDonald's in Walmart, and the sales person at Sam's Club. The young woman in the window was taken in Williamsburg, the weekend before last, from the sidewalk of Bedford Avenue, outside one of the many caf├ęs with windows open to the street. I'm surprised when people sit in the window seats and read books or text their friends. You would think they would like to look out at what is going on.


  1. I would be protective of a child in McDonald's, too. I'd be afraid they might spirit him off to the kitchen and turn him into a few Quarter Pounders with Cheese!

  2. Have you ever noticed that this is what most people look like at McDonald's? Really, go look. Frightened, obese yet malnourished people who have no idea what damage they've just done to their bodies. Or perhaps these two have yet to be "served". I like the way the 'Golden Arches' enters her head. Nice revealing shot.

  3. It's true that people's shapes have changed in the last 25 yrs or so. It's striking when I compare the man on the street photos Dmitri took in the 60's and how people look now. This change correlates with the rise of fast food.

    Her lioness pose and fierce expression is what I like.

  4. Lioness? Fierce? The poor woman looks frightened to death.

  5. hmmm, Maybe you're right. But maybe not. Photographs are always with a second look.


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