Monday, August 10, 2009

Outside Fairways

It was the athletic vest that caught my attention, then the hair and then the face, all outstanding. Just as I was about to ask if I might photograph her, the man she was waiting for turns up with the shopping. I ask her, but in case he has any objection, bring him into the conversation. Well, you only have to look at her to see that she decides things for herself, and most charmingly at that. What a peach!


  1. Some time ago, I asked Caroline what you look for in selecting subjects for your photographs. She gave a thoughtful pause, and said something along the lines of "angularity." But later, she suggested I pose the question to you, and so I do you choose who you photograph? Is it what they're wearing, unusual features, something you find beautiful, etc.?

  2. Yes, sometimes it is their clothes, sometimes their unusual features and sometimes their beauty, usually one or all of these plus it can be an expression that gives nothing away or an expression of concentration. Or, they just have a presence, a way with them.

    I am impressed the instant I spot the person. Seldom do people grow on me in respect of my wanting to photograph them. I feel an immediate jolt from their presence that makes me want to put up the tripod and record them.

  3. I like her peaceful almost-smile and the contrast with her hand that is an almost-fist.


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