Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Girl with a purple handbag

Whores in Amsterdam and other cities sit in the windows on busy streets. As far as I know this is not the case on Bedford Avenue in Williamsburg: just nice girls with lovely profiles sit in caf├ęs.


  1. Hello, Dmitri! I was wondering if you used a computer editing tool like Adobe Photoshop to turn everything in this composition but the handbag black and white, or if you did this effect in a darkroom with chemical/exposure means?

    I definitely enjoy this photo and the many others on this site. You are quite fearless about interacting with strangers on the street in a way I admire and perhaps even aspire to.

  2. I selected all except the bag and then desaturated the picture which takes all the color out. I increased the color saturation on the bag.

    I have no experience color printing with chemicals, but making masks is how it is done, I believe.

    I also increased the color saturation of the sales woman's finger nails in the picture above this one.

    Thank you for enjoying the photograph and for your comments.

  3. Here is the picture more or less in it's original form. Photoshop will allow you to do anything to a photograph and you have to decide when to use it and when not to.

  4. Definitely agreed there! Nothing would ruin a good photo faster than some artificial Photoshop lens flares all over the place...

  5. Lovely subject. The complimentary exhaust fans and light bulbs add allure. The whore reference makes no sense. She's diverted, but it's doubtful action is the diversion. This is America after all.

  6. "I like the color shot more than the B/W version. Her skin practically glows and I feel like I just have to look at her. I think it has more depth, so she pulls forward more.

    I wish Dmitri would make my picture!"


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