Monday, September 7, 2009

Cindy Sherman

Cindy Sherman had become well known around this time for her film still series. I asked her what she was doing now and she said that she had spent the last six months watching television. Just anything, soap operas, anything. But she was going to get down to some work soon.


  1. I love this photo- what a stunning woman. She's made a career of photographing herself as others. Here she looks relieved just being herself. Watching television for the last six months? Such an Andy Warhol thing to do. I hear she's living with David Byrne now. Now there's a super couple!

  2. Hello, Dmitri.
    Thank you for such a good remark about Cindy. I am studying photography now in Stockholm and making a report about Sherman's contribution to the history of art.
    I will use that information, if you don't mind.

    Anna N. Kazakova


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