Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Envious moment

I dug this out of the files: the bar at the Bolshoi, Moscow, 1980. The place much more brightly lit than Diner so no camera shake troubles, this time with a Leica. In this picture I want to know what the passing man is thinking as he watches the couple about to gobble up their glasses of champagne. Or is it the girl he's looking at?


  1. I don't know which photo to be more envious of: "Solemn moment" or "Envious moment." The first photo, expresses a depth to the relationship that is moving. I love the way the girl's hand rests on her friend's ear and the downward stares. In the second, I think the man is noting a young, attractive, couple in love - always refreshing sight.
    Dmitri, great job of capturing such beautiful chemistry.

  2. What a great way of presenting the photographs, with a theme very similar to the one above it...I love it! You must either have an excellent memory for the shots you've taken, or else an excellent filing system for your work! Which is it?

  3. I do not forget the pictures I like. The ones I never liked I soon forget and should destroy, because they seldom get better.

  4. The expression of the passing man looks as if he's feeling more disillusion than admiration. My guess is that he's looking not at the girl but on the pour. The young man's eyes also concentrate on the pour, though it's clear that his thoughts are with her. Brilliant!


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