Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Outside Fairway

If I find a subject as we arrive at Fairway, it gets me out of helping with the shopping. Here is a young woman on her break from Fairway checkout with her friend's arm.


  1. So much I like in this photograph. The shadow somehow makes it look like this girl has eyes in the back of her head, looking toward her friend. The yellow cardigan, the angle of the girls head- turned away from her friend, the positioning of both arms, the missing person - they all make this photo interesting and attractive.

  2. Yes, I agree with Jon- a very interesting and attractive shot. She seems utterly unfazed both by the pointed arm and fist as well as your presence capturing the moment. The way her arm is positioned and how her fingers lightly attach themselves to the hook adds an unexpected elegance. Your limited palette of predominately black, brown, and yellow as well works wonderfully.


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