Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Hungry girl with chipped fingernails

It was hot, dusty and noisy. Three friends were sheltering in the shade of the overhead tracks of the F and G train on 9th Street near the Gowanus Canal in Brooklyn. They were waiting for the shuttle bus to take them to Ikea. At first the girl wanted to get rid of the cake and drink, but I said no, they were essential to the picture and told her how terrific she looked holding them.


  1. I love this girl and know we could be best friends, although she is much hipper than I'll ever be. Her chipped nail polish matches the purple and green label of her drink (Arizona iced tea?). Interesting rings and tatoo. Great shot!

  2. Yes everything does match with the purple nails. Love the chain link fence in the background. What would she look like without that background?


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