Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Leopard hug

We're talking to Carly (see July 5th and June 9th posting) in Goodbye Blue Monday and this lovely girl with a glowing complexion and tattooed forearm, plonks herself down on a stool and beams at us out of the gloom. She's followed soon by her friend who beams at us too. (Most of the beaming directed at Nicholas who was with us last weekend.)

I think they are both there to help keep the place running smoothly, a bit of waitressing and clearing up etc. Although the whole atmosphere of the place during the day seems more like home to the people there, with Carly doing the work of coffee making and keeping in touch with Matthew,
the manager, by cellphone, as to the comings and goings. (See posting June 9th.)


  1. The glowing girl is Hannah. She does radiate beauty, and has one of the nicest smiles of anyone I know.

  2. Her smile is most beautiful when she shows just her bottom teeth.


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