Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Baker at Bakeri

I did him standing, sitting, straight on, and in profile, full length and close up. This was the one though, sitting, behind the fence, finishing his cigarette.

We were looking for bread, but Con Ed had not yet put in enough electricity for the ovens. Caroline was not , however, going to leave without a brownie. Delicious, she said.


  1. I like his repose towards the camera and your action caught in the window's reflection. I also really liked the brownie.

  2. A hip, Brooklynite Pillsbury doughboy.

  3. Mario Batali once said never trust a thin chef. This guy must be a great baker. I like the way the railing in the foreground compliments the vertical and horizontal lines of the details behind him. Blue and white (two of my favorite colors) also work well together here. Beautiful shot.


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