Monday, November 9, 2009

Salon on Liberty Street, Newburgh, NY

I thought this is too good to miss as I looked at the scene through the window of the salon. I went inside and asked if I could take the picture, at the same time fumbling in my bag. My heart sank... I had left my exposure meter behind and I would have to guess. The gods were with me and I guessed right. What a thrill it was when I unrolled the wet film from the reel, just out of the fixer, and saw the correctly exposed negative. You don't get that thrill now, with digital.


  1. Both women look great in this photo. If they knew you were taking their picture, they surely don't look like they do. The have the Border Collie line up going on. One looking at something and the other's sole attention on the one looking. I love that they stand out from the slightly blurred background.

  2. When was this taken, Dmitri? I love how so many of your photographs have a timeless quality to them. Had you not revealed that this was developed in a darkroom, I would've sworn it was taken only this last year!

  3. This was taken nine or ten years ago.


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