Monday, December 28, 2009

Bushwick Diva

Every three or four minutes the light from the window that lit my subject faded to twilight as a subway past on the overhead track of the J train on Broadway. Teresa lives with her husband and shares the apartment with two other musicians. They were still asleep in their room because of working late. I crept around the main room taking care not to tread on or trip over guitars, cymbals, tom-toms, wires and microphones that littered the floor.

I whispered instruction, looked at her paintings that she kept in a cardboard box on a high shelf and listened to her telling me that she liked London and disliked America because there was no National Health Service here and it was difficult getting a Green Card. She grew up in Bari, Italy. Her English was flawless.


  1. Curious, what demon possesses her to even want a green card in a land without a safety net for its citizens, especially after being raised in Italy and have enjoyed public health care in London? Unless it's the husband of course. She doesn't look happy, let alone dignified or even confident given the iconic pose she strikes. Poor dear.

  2. My father, uncle, grandparents.... all doctors and veterinarians. I know how to take care of my health, thank you very much.

    I am a very happy person indeed!
    The demon the possesses me is called " KNOWLEDGE ", and I had to travel, suffer, to learn a lot before becaming what I am now.
    I do not regret even a second of my life.
    Because life is hard Mr John Greene.

    And who are you and what have you done in your lifetime to judge me this way?

  3. I am of the belief (and I know Teresa is as well) that health is a holistic endeavor. It is mind over matter and cultivating a deep spiritual connection with your body. Yes, it is lovely to have a safety net, government sponsored medicines and treatments but even better is to know that you have everything in you to heal yourself.

  4. I am not the one someone should mercy for chosing to live in America.
    American people should mercy themselves for never having done anything to stop this CRIME, that is not having universal health care . You should have learned how to stay free and independent from your ancestors, your ideal should come from the revolutionary ones that made you possible to exist as a nation, instead.. it's so hard for you even to walk out the door of your favourite bar with your favorite drink to have a simple cigarette without the fear of getting a ticket and lose your driving licence.

    I am not a "poor thing" but I am not trying not to look like a diva too. Even if that comment is clearly born from an idealogy, an there was a clear agenda or whatever, health care this or that or whatever, I cannot accept to been seen as someone to mercy.

  5. My my, I had no idea my comment would provoke such anger. Especially from such "a very happy person indeed!" Teresa, I simply read Dimitri's anecdote, looked at his photo, and offered an opinion. No judgment here, just an opinion given what's here. Too, please re-read what you just wrote. It's riddled with contradictions. And while Dimitri mentions that your English is flawless, your syntax needs work.

  6. Try to repeat what you said in italian, perfectly written.
    The unhappy is obviously you, if you keep on insulting me, rather than just apologize for being such an idiot.


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