Saturday, December 12, 2009

Father and daughter

Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn. It was a cold morning and we were glad to be immediately shown to a table by the window at the Robin Des Bois Sherwood Café. As I sat down I was at once struck by the man sitting at the next door table. He was with another woman who could have been his wife, but I never did find out. Also at the table, a young woman who certainly could have been his daughter. Here they are.


  1. This is really quite stunning. The tension between the similarities and differences between their mouths, eyes, skin texture, and hair make this really special. It sums up in some way I can't express a lot of things about the sexes and generations. Like it a lot.

  2. They must be kin. Tension yes, but I also sense a comfort and closeness which makes this double portrait equally special. The play of the lighting in the background as well adds to the magic.


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