Monday, December 7, 2009

Friends at Boulevard Café

They were pouring over their laptops. I wondered if they were too much though. Just how well matched can you be? But then I thought, no, they really are wonderful. I got up and said "May I photograph you, you look wonderful together." They said, "Why, of course."

Because the light and the background were better at our table, I asked them to move.
They wanted to bring their laptops but I liked the cup and saucer and the pepper and salt better. They are performance artist. They were writing the material for their next collaboration.


  1. I love their expressions and the way they have posed, equally. They look like they could be a lot of knee slapping fun!

  2. Posed certainly. Idea for their next performance- what happens when two men walk into a cafe and one orders coffee and the other orders seasoning.

  3. I just love everything about this photo. The men are so intriguing. What characters! I wonder what they discuss and do. The poses, the colors, the lighting: all fantastic.

  4. And what a beautiful brilliant collaboration it will be. Exquisite Black.


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