Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Muriel Spark

I had to find a way of distracting her from looking at me with her pretty smile. I said that I needed a minute or two to adjust the settings on the camera. I fiddled with the Rolleiflex, and kept half an eye open to see what she was doing. Then something must have entered her mind and she looked down and forgot I was there. I clicked the shutter.


  1. Great anecdote. It's funny, many (including me) still feel the need to smile unnaturally when having our photos taken. Was this the case here? I'm curious- what was her reaction to this shot? Though well composed and technically brilliant, perhaps like the way Bogarde reacted to his portrait, I imagine she thought it less than flattering.

  2. Yes, she wrote to me to say that she had asked her agent to take action to make sure it was never seen. I never heard any more.

  3. Where was this taken? In her backyard?


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