Thursday, December 3, 2009

Roald Dahl

I don't remember if Roald Dahl was much interested in film (although he was married to Patricia Neal), but several of his books have been made into movies - very recently: "Fantastic Mr. Fox". I remember him more for his love of wine and food, gardens and talk. He wrote to me when I sent him this picture: "You will notice that this person is leaning at about 30 degrees off the true vertical line. This is a fairly accurate reflection of his attitude to life."


  1. I love the photo, I love his books and from what you've posted, I love him.

  2. He almost looks as if the cane is the only thing pinning him down and stopping him from lifting off into the sky.

  3. What a beautiful comment he made on your portrait of him. Just curious: what is the most flattering thing a subject has said about your work, and what was the most offensive? (If that's something you care to share.)


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