Sunday, December 13, 2009

Spalding Grey

He arrived with a canvas shopping bag and told us of his addiction to
caffeine. He talked for ten or fifteen minutes sitting and slouching at a table leaning on his elbows. I asked him if I could photograph him sitting up straight. I adjusted the light so that it put half his face in shadow leaving only his eye lit on the shadow side.

When he left the studio I had the feeling I would like to see him again which, by chance, we did, on a beach in Sagaponack with his wife, one beautiful late summer day
. They were both a great pleasure to talk to. They had their small child with them.


  1. He looks healthy and strong, not showing any external signs of the obsessive mental patterns which would eventually take over his life.

  2. Much happened between when this photo was taken and when Grey did himself in. Some sadly simply can't deal with aging and unexpected scar tissue. A great portrait; the intensity of his stare combined with his healthy and strong appearance as Jeremy notes, compliments your subject famously. I'm sure this is how Grey would want us to remember him.

  3. lovely man ,lovely portrait

  4. I loved Grey's work. I met him once. I don't judge the man for committing suicide. We each struggle with something somehow and allow choose whether to continue. Beautiful image. thanks


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