Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Winter in Garrison

Discovered new parts of Garrison this weekend thanks to David Dasch who knows every corner of the place, its history and who lives in every house. For eighteen years he has been exploring and knocking on doors. A few years ago one door he saw was piled high with snow and cries for help coming from behind it. He dug it out with the shovel he always carries in his car. The cries came from an eighty-five year-old woman who wanted to give him money for his kindness. He refused and instead asked for permission to walk her fields any time he wanted during his lifetime. She agreed. This is a corner of one of her fields. She is now ninety-seven.


  1. beautiful story & photo Dmitri! We are so fortunate to live here. I try & remember to give thanks for it every day.
    -Mary Ellen Y

  2. I couldn't agree with Mary more. In the photo I just love the way the light coats the ground and brush. The white of the clouds and snow compliment each other beautifully as well. Great story about David too- he's such a fascinating character. Thank you and Caroline for allowing me the chance to meet him.


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