Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Dirk Bogarde

See above for commentary.


  1. What you already know: you are a great, great photographer. I am so enjoying this blog. Thanks!

  2. I am a huge fan of Dirk Bogarde's and this is a brilliant and profound photo. You caught the great great sadness and courage in his eyes. His quote when he saw the photo is what I would have expected of him, it sounds exactly like him. No wonder this photo is in UK's NAT'L PORTRAIT GALLERY where I purchased a copy of it & for friends. You are a great photographer.Sincerely, Roe Tifft

  3. Dear Mr. Kasterine, I have to tell you, upon reflection, I think Dirk Bogarde was as grumpy as he was, which was part of some of what was sardonic and brilliantly talented in him, in response to your photo because you had hit the mark, had got so close, maybe too close and as we know he was famously self-protective and yet quite vulnerable. So it's because you did the your job in the best way possible that you got the reaction you got. Not that, for Dirk, it was all that rough - except for the Avedon remark which I think unfair and untrue. Thank you again for that inner portrait of a complex but wonderfully feeling and talented man.

  4. I have to agree with Bogarde's comment on seeing this photo: "the carapace of an aging turtle..." Two sides to viewing this, that of the subject or anyone shuddering at the image which is so unlike Bogarde, the tie awry, the defeatist look. Not a look for posterity.

    The other side, that of the photographer who has other intentions than pretty images as he creates. It's a grim photo, showing admirers and Bogarde himself things we'd rather not remember. And need we? I suspect that had you taken other more flattering yet still realistic photos of Bogarde, they'd be in the NPG instead. Thanks.


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