Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Hands on Hips 3

I heard that Mary swam the Hudson River annually to raise money for schools. The event was over for the year but she agreed to come out in her swimsuit one Sunday morning to have her portrait done. It was November. She even got into the water but this shot was my favourite.

At first she smiled and struck a pose not far from a nineteen-fifties pin-up. But as I struggled with balancing myself on the rocks, and tried to find a place to plant the tripod legs firmly between them, I noticed she was just simply standing there while she waited. I said, "Please, don't move from how you are."


  1. Quite a solid pose for someone waiting. Her intense expression alone gives you some idea of how strong and resilient she apparently is. When she swims for charity, is it just across the river or does she swim a length? Just wondering.

  2. Just across the river. When you say a length do you mean the length? The river is over 300 miles long, I believe, and not many people have done that.

  3. Of course not the entire length. I was thinking say, maybe from Garrison to Beacon or even Hudson. That way, well-wishers could be at both ports cheering her on.


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