Saturday, January 23, 2010

Tarot reader

The sisters-in-law took it in turns to do the Tarot readings from a portable table and chairs on the corner of Bedford Avenue and North 5th Street in Williamsburg. Whilst one read the other hustled. She liked our dog Louis and asked if we would like a reading done for him.


  1. Hmm...I wonder what Louie's future holds. I didn't know one could do a tarot reading for a dog!

    I think I might have seen her sister; I occasionally set up shop on that same corner, in front of the funeral home, to sell stuff.

  2. And did she? That would've been fascinating. Anyway, another great portrait. Love how the contrasting variety of luminescent and subtle gradations of light compliments her beauty. Have you presented her with a print or she seen this shot otherwise? I'm curious to know what her reaction was.

  3. Will be giving her a print when the weather gets warmer and we get back on the Brooklyn trail. At the time she glanced at the image on screen at the back of the camera and shuddered at what she saw.


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