Saturday, February 13, 2010

Carroll Gardens barbecue

I handed the camera to Caroline because I was sitting to her right and did not have such a good view of the tired girl against the pillar as she had. I whispered, "Put the camera to your eye and press the shutter, just press it gently, don't jerk it."


  1. A nice story of Kasterine collaboration, capturing the perfect moment of food suspended on fork by the woman in the background sitting next to Kurt Vonnegut's long lost cousin.

  2. Fantastic – what a great surprise – months later...

    And for those not in the know...telling Caroline to press that what makes this shot so insanely clear? – looks almost 3-D to me...really....

  3. Yes Jeremy, a great collaboration. I like too the way the red pole divides the generations- the expressions of each are very telling. The younger folks are smiling, directly illuminated by the sun, and graced by the presence of lovely flowers staring back at them. The older couple is in the background, in the shade and looking a little nonplussed. Wonderful double-portrait.

  4. All great comments. I love the way the portrait is divided as well, but the woman's foot pierces the other side, pulling the two scenes together.


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