Saturday, March 27, 2010

Woman at a party

I cannot remember the occasion that I took this picture. It was almost certainly a wedding or a dance somewhere in England in the 1970s where glasses were constantly refilled, and that this woman had an unusually un-English face. I also wonder if curly hair was the fashion then or her own statement.

I remember that it was taken on Ilford 800 ISO HPS film with
a Leica. 800 ISO was comparatively high speed for those days and HPS had excellent grain structure and shadow detail.


  1. For those of us with hair like that, we didn't have many choices back then (blow dryers, straightening irons etc. ) of how to tame our hair so I don't know that she was trying to make a statement with her hair. However, her makeup, pose and direct look into the camera tells me she's comfortable with herself and at home in a strapless. Great honest shot.

  2. They used to say that Jacky Fisher, Admiral of the Fleet, had a decidedly un-English face, and they did not say it as a compliment.


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